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  •  Pre & Post Hospitalisation
  • Life Time Renewal
  • Only Good Health Declaration Needed
  •  Min Age 18, Max Age 50
  •  Annually renewable
  •   Annual Premium of INR 1,860
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Key elements of your insurance policy:

Sum Insured: INR 1 lakh (This is the maximum the insurer will pay in an year)

 Room Rent INR 1000 for Normal and INR 2000 for ICU (If room rent is more than these limits than you will have to pay for the excess amount)

Pre-hospitaliztion expenses upto 30 days (All medical expenses 30 days before hospitalization are covered)

Post-hospitalization expenses upto 60 days (All medical expenses 60 days after you are discharged are covered)

Pre-Existing Illness Waiting Period of 48 months (If you are suffering from any illness then claims arising due to this illness will only be paid after 4 years of your policy start date, on the condition that the policy is still active)

Mark calendar icon. Simple illustration of mark calendar vector icon for web[/caption] Initial Waiting Period 30 days (you will not be able to file a claim within 30 days from the policy start date)

 Specific Illness Waiting Period 24 months

AYUSH Treatment not covered

 Maternity not covered

Non preferred network 10% co-pay (if you go to a hospital which is not part of our network then you will have to pay 10% of the hospital bill. To find which hosiptals are part of the network you can visit!/hs-our-network)

Claim Initmation 7 days from date of admission (If you are hospitalized then please intimate the insurance company within 7 days of admission)

Claim document submission within 30 days from date of discharge (After you are back home submit your claim documents within 30 days. You can do so at the following link!/claim)


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